Walking along the emerald river

Soča trail.

I walk this 25 km long path at least once every summer. It can take me 5 hours, 9 hours or, preferably, two whole days of relaxed walking with a stop in one of the campsites along the way. As a teenager, worried about studying far away from home, I once said that “I cannot truly be happy unless I see Soča every day”.


Distances separating the adult me and my beloved river have been varying between 140 and 2,000 km in the past years. Even though true happiness seems to be a matter of greater complexity than I once predicted, I humbly visit Soča every summer, offering my blistered, hurt feet and my droplets of sweat as a kind of apology – both to the magnificent river as well as my past-teenager-self.

Join me on the walk by looking trough the pictures, but please, remember:

no camera in the world can capture the river’s excited chanting, earthy smell of forests and playful chatter of its inhabitants and no words can describe the rush of adrenaline that you feel after you jump in the river and find the tiredness washed away.

So, for now, look. Then, dream and decide. And lastly,


Useful links and information:

I feel Slovenia, Bovec tourist information, Triglav national park.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 25 km (or 50 km if you walk both ways)

Accommodation options: The area offers a wide variety of guesthouses, hotels, hostels and campsites.



Yes, people do actually jump in the water here. It’s terrifying. But fun, lots of fun!

Whitewater activities

Since the trail is short you will probably spend some time in the area. Bovec offers rafting, kayaking, canyoning (in the picture) and many more outdoor activities on the rivers and waterfalls.

Whichever level of adrenaline works for you;)

Alpe Adria Trail

Why not expand this into some serious long distance walking?


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