Portugal coastline in 14 days


Rota Vicentina.


A network of walking trails, totalling 400 km of walking along the most beautiful and best-preserved coastline of Southern Europe. Our path combined Fishermen’s and Historical way and led us across 165 km of pure and wild coastline of Portugal. I believe we met 4 people on the way. Best holiday I have ever had.

Silence and solitude only intensified the sensations that were many, not all of them pleasant. In the beginning of June, the heat was less and less bearable with each passing day. There is no water source, therefore carrying enough water with you at all times is crucial. What I am extremely proud of while writing this post is figuring out a way of turning a 6 – 8 hour intense walking day into a hedonistic experience:

get up early and start walking as soon as possible. Make a stop in one of the fisherman’s villages at around noon and search for a “taberna”

Sit down in a paellacool shade and enjoy the set of olives, homemade bread and spreads that are immediately placed in front of you. Portugal’s wines are exquisite and the shabbier the restaurant looks, the more likely you are to eat something amazing. My suggestion: seafood paella. It comes with a whole set of equipment (thick stone board, crab crackers (kind of pliers) and a hammer).

Concluded with a strong coffee, this mid-day break cools you down and prevents you from walking in scorching heat while offering your taste buds the best Portugal has to offer.

Because of the sand, walking can be extremely intense. Take your time and don’t hurry. If you are tired, rest. Sit down, take a sip of water and listen to all the things ocean has patiently been waiting to tell you.

The route looked something like this:


Rota Vicentina my way: Porto Covo to Cabo de Sao Vicente

Useful links and information:

Rota vicentina official page – extremely helpful website and beautifully done.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 165 km (depending on your choice)

Accommodation options: The area offers a wide variety of guesthouses, hotels, hostels and some campsites. For those who struggle with luggage, transport between accommodations can be arranged.


  • run along the wide beach naked. It’s not very often that you find yourself alone on a spectacular sandy beach. Jump in the Atlantic!
  • as you reach Cabo de Sao Vicente, note that you are standing at the southwestern corner of mainland Europe


  • If you know how to, surf!
surfing in Portugal



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